Kingdom Rush HD

Kingdom Rush is not your regular tower defense game as you need to think strategically where to place specific types of tower to have better chances of defeating the enemies. There are 12 stages to complete plus additional premium content to purchase. The premium content includes 3 more stages, as well as 3 new heroes to choose from. This iOS application is an addicting game that will keep you wanting for more. Kingdom Rush HD is now available making the game even more enjoyable with its enhanced graphics that will work perfectly for iPad users.

How to Play the Game

Waves of enemies will attack the kingdom. As the commander, your goal is to protect it from the opponents. There will also be boss fights on certain stages. There are 12 stages to complete and additional 3 if you got the premium content. The 12 stages are stage 1: Southport, stage 2: the Farmlands, stage 3: Pagras, stage 4: Twin Rivers, stage 5: Silveroak Forest, stage 6: the Citadel, stage 7: Coldstep Mines, stage 8: Icewind Pass, stage 9: Stormcloud Temple, stage 10: the Wastes, stage 11: Forsaken Valley and stage 12: the Dark Tower. The 3 additional stages are Sarelgaz’s Lair, Ruins of Acaroth and Rotten Forest.

To defeat the opponents, there are 4 towers that you can use; each with their own skills. They are the archer tower, barracks tower, mages tower and dwarven bombard tower. They can be upgraded to enhance their skills and make them more powerful. Aside from the towers, the meteor spell and summon reinforcements abilities can help take down the enemies. These abilities can also be upgraded. These two abilities have cool down time. The cool down time for meteor spell is 80 seconds while the summon reinforcement ability has 10 seconds.


Though the game play is the same for each stage, in which the main goal is to stop the enemies from entering the kingdom. The game becomes more exciting and challenging as the stage goes higher. This is because you will face more powerful enemies, as well as new opponents that you didn’t meet on the previous stages. There are also boss fights on some stages. Some of the enemies that you will face are goblin, orc, ogre, gargoyle, troll and more. There are more than 30 different creatures that you will face throughout the game. The 6 bosses are Juggernaut, J.T., Vez’nan, Sarelgaz, Gul’Thak and Greenmuck. When new enemies show up, hints and tips are usually given. The hints and tips icons will show up on the left of the game screen. They are helpful as they will give you tips on how to defeat the enemies.

Kingdom Rush Achievements

The challenge is not just defeating the opponents and clearing each stage. There are more than 50 achievements to complete in Kingdom Rush high definition. Here are some of the achievements and what you need to do to complete them.

Daring – call 10 waves early. This can be done by clicking on the skull icon which acts like a timer when the enemies are about to attack. Calling the waves early will also earn you more coins and lower the cool down time of the abilities.

Armageddon – use the rain of fire at least 5 times in one stage.

Supermario – collect 30 stars and you will earn this achievement. You can earn a maximum of 3 stars on each stage. The number of stars that you will get depends on the number of enemies that you were not able to stop from entering the kingdom. If you did well, you can get all 3 stars.

Great Defender – you will get this achievement if you clear all stages under normal difficulty