Kingdom Rush Guide

Kingdom Rush is a tower game that is available on mobile phones and on the web. The basic game play is to defend the kingdom from the attack of the enemies using different kinds of towers and additional abilities. These abilities and towers can be upgraded using stars that you will earn after completing each stage of the game. Prevent as many enemies as you can to win the stage, as well as earn the maximum number of stars for each stage, which is 3. This Kingdom Rush guide will introduce you to the things that you need to learn for your victory. As the commander of the kingdom’s troop, protect the king, as well as your people from the invaders with the help of the Kingdom Rush strategy and tips that you will find here.

Start the game and the game map will appear. The locations on the map represent the stages of the game. There are 12 stages to complete, that becomes harder as the level goes up. There are also different kinds of icons at the bottom of the game window including upgrades, encyclopedia and achievements. Click the upgrades icon if you want to upgrade the features of your towers and the abilities. Click the encyclopedia icon to learn more about the towers, enemies, as well as to get useful tips and hints. Tips and hints are also given while playing the game. A tip icon will show up on the left side of the game window. Clicking this will show you helpful information on how to win the battle. These tips usually show up when there are new types of enemies to defeat.

Kingdom Rush Upgrades

There are 4 basic towers to use. As mentioned they can be upgraded to become more powerful and have better chances of defeating the enemies. Click the tower and there will be an “up” icon, which gives you the option to upgrade. Using towers and upgrading them cost coins. Place the right towers on the correct positions to prevent enemies from getting through them. The 4 towers are the archer, barracks, dwarven bombard and mages tower.

The archer tower can be upgraded to sharpshooter tower, marksmen tower, ranger hideout and musketeer. The mages tower can be upgraded to adept tower, wizard tower, arcane wizard and sorcerer mage. The dwarven bombard tower can be upgraded to dwarven artillery, dwarven howitzer, 500mm Big Bertha and Tesla X104. The barracks can be upgraded to footmen barracks, knights barracks, holy order and barbarian hall. For enemies that move fast but are not that strong, it’s better to have multiple towers to prevent them from getting through.

For strong enemies that move slow, the towers should be upgraded for higher damage attack. But since there could be a mix of both, upgrade towers that will damage the stronger enemies and additional long range towers like archer tower for the fast ones. Take advantage of the summon reinforcements and meteor spell abilities as they do not cost any coins. They are useful for blocking, as well as causing damage to the opponents. Summon reinforcements has 10 seconds cool down time while the meteor spell has 80 seconds. Use the summon reinforcements ability as soon as it is available to increase the number of soldiers that will block the enemies. It’s best to use the meteor spell on a huge number of enemies and damage more of them. Use it wisely as it takes more than a minute before it will be available again.