Kingdom Rush 2

Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game that will let you play the role as the commander of the kingdom and protect it from the enemies. This game is available for iOS and users, as well as online. Fanatics are waiting for the sequel of this addicting strategy game though Kingdom Rush 2 is still not available for now. But if the second installment of this game comes out, there’s not a doubt that it will be as popular as the first game. If you never played this game before, you may download it on your compatible device or play it on the Internet. There are several game sites that offer it for free.

Basic Game Play

Your goal is to prevent the enemies from reaching the castle of the king by strategically placing different kinds of towers. Waves of enemies will attack and your towers will prevent them from passing through. These towers have varying defense and the opponents have different strengths. So you need to think what type of tower to place on specific locations to strengthen your defense. Aside from the towers, you may also use the meteor spell or summon reinforcements. After using them, you need to wait for a few seconds before they become available again. These two can be used without using any coins. You will earn a maximum of three stars on each stage depending on how well you were able to defend the kingdom. These stars can be used for the upgrades.


There are four towers available when you first play the game. As you move on to the next stages, you will be given an option to upgrade them. The four towers to place as defense of the kingdom are the archer tower, fighters tower, mages tower and the cannons. They have different damages, ranges and average time for the next shoot. Upgrade them using stars to protect the kingdom from stronger enemies.


There are 12 stages to complete. If several enemies were able to pass through your towers, you lose the stage so you need to start again to move to the next level. The first stage is the Southport, which is the easiest level. Archers and mages are needed for this stage. The second stage, which is the Farmlands has armored enemies. They have protective armors so it will be more difficult to defeat them. Mage towers are best for dealing with these creatures.

The third stage, which is Pagras has a different map that makes it more challenging for players. Mage towers are needed on the entry point and several towers on the bend before the exit point to prevent enemies from passing through. The fourth stage, which is the Twin Rivers, has two routes. However, more enemies go to the right so it’s best to put more towers there. Stage five, which is the Silveroak Forest allows repairing the Sylvan Elf building to hire more elves for protecting the kingdom. The next stages are the Citadel, Coldstep Mines, Icewind Pass, Stormcloud Temple, The Wastes, Forsaken Valley and The Dark Tower. Enemies become stronger as the level goes up so make sure that you upgrade your towers and strategize properly to defeat them and win the game.